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BbTALKIN’  Smart Link


BbTALKIN is a game changing Wireless Bluetooth Communication system for athletes, students and coaches worldwide.

This technology enhances the learning curve two fold in both water and winter sports.

It is a real time coaching tool which allows the coach to instantly train and provide feedback to the student.

If you are a pro athlete or a beginner, the benefits of this communication system is exceptional.

Coaches no longer have to yell, for example, from the shoreline, jet ski or boat.  Communication distance is 1 km (1000m).

The student will instantly receive the coach’s feedback allowing them to immediately implement the advice.

Recreational groups can clearly talk with one another raising the safety and awareness of the group. The products are wind proof and noise cancelling.

If you are a business owner with a rental company, resort, cable park or watersports facility, this is a must have.


Smart Link DEVICE



This is the new bbtalkin Smart Link. 
Now you can connect up to 6 people at the same time. 
This is ideal for short communication sports such as wakeboarding and  sailing.

We  announce 2 new features.
Bbtalkin SL can connect automatically, just press  either one device's INTERCALL button once,

then all connected. Also we add mic mute function, the students can hear the instructions much clearly.

Riding together, always connected.
This is the world best coaching tool.

6PPL icon_工作區域 1.png

GROUP INTERCALL (up to 6 devices) 


After pair with 6 devices. No need to press any button, you can start to real time live talk.

SL_工作區域 1.png


After pairing, just press either one device's  INTERCALL button once, all devices will connect automatically.

MUTE_工作區域 1.png


To give the instructions much clearly, coach can ask the students to press MUTE button once to mute their microphone.


Smart Link set (hat)


B01HR 3packSET02.jpg

Smart Link set (cap)


B01CR 3packSET02.jpg


SPEC_工作區域 1.png
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