Press one device's button then all devices will be paired automatically.

The communication area's diameter range is over than 1 km, 
even if one rider is out of range
the group intercalling is kept and other riders can keep talking, 
and as long as the rider gets close to the group,

he can join the group automatically. 

Pair with your phone, listen GPS,
control music, and make/pick up calls

With Bb TALK app, you can experience the new intercall in riding motorcycle.

In 4G area ,Online Intercall distance has no limitation anymore !

Press ONLINE INTERCALL button once to Get into/Leave the chat room.

Taking video and recording conversation by BbCAM.
Make riding have more fun!

New App that can change BBMOTO setting, name and version update. Even in different countries, can adjust ruled radio wave intensity.


Google assistant

You can call "Siri "  for iOS or

"Google Assistant" for Android.

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