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Fingerprint padlock

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The Fingerprint Lock is waterproof IP65, it’s good to use in warehouse, cabinet, luggage, door, cargo and so on. The most important is it can be charged by micro-usb, charge only 2 hours can have over 1 month using time. You can also check battery level in the app, no need to worry about the battery. 

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Now is a  technical generation, traditional locks go out of fashion
Fingerprint is your key, your password. 
The Fingerprint Lock connects via Bluetooth, everything works with App.
The App supports 10 different languages, it has different digital instructions in the app as well. Don’t worry about the language problem.


Download the App, open Bluetooth and connect the lock to your phone.
Then you can control the lock, change setting and see the records on the App.
The App can store up to 15 fingerprints, also you can see all the usage records. Makes it much safer. 

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keybox_工作區域 1_工作區域 1.png
keybox_工作區域 1_工作區域 1.png

Even your friends can open the lock. As long as he/she sends authorization to you, you can authorize him/her to open the lock by app.

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Super long battery life

ICON LOCK_工作區域 1.jpg

Pick your color


What’s included: 
Fingerprint Lock *1
Instruction *1
Micro-USB *1


*Weight: 120g
*Size: 86*50*27 (mm)

*Waterproof IP65.
*Free App which supports 10 languages.
*Much Safer. Fingerprint is password.
*iPhone level fingerprint sensor.
*Record up to 15 fingerprints
*Usage history record.
*Authorize your friends remotely to open the lock
*Charged by micro-usb.
*Charge 2 hours can use over 1 month.
*Battery 300mAh

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