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In normal condition, shipment will be made within 1 – 2 days after an order is placed online; tracking number will also be informed by mail. In case of short supply or unexpected situations, notice will be given by mail.

Return/Replacement: To return or have the goods replaced, please first contact BbTALKIN regarding the reasons within 7 days of delivery of shipment; freight of return to Seller shall be at Buyer’s cost.

Warranty: The main unit is covered for one year, the headset is covered for six months. In case of product defect, please contact BbTALKIN or your nearest dealer first.


  • Q1. What payment methods does BbTALKIN Online Order provide?

  • Q2. How BbTALKIN Online Order ship the goods?

  • Q3. Does BbTALKIN Online Order issue invoices for orders?

  • Q4. How to track BbTALKIN Online Order’s delivery?

  • Q5. Will BbTALKIN Online Order refund the freight if the order is not delivered?

  • Q6. How to return or have replacement of orders with BbTALKIN Online Order?                                                                                                                       -Q6.1 Important notice on Return/Replacement     -Q6.2  Six steps to return/replace.

  • Q7. How to have my money back from BbTALKIN Online Order?

Q1. What payment methods does BbTALKIN Online Order provide?

At present, payments by credit card, via PayPal, etc. are available.

※The prices of items shown on the website and the mailing postage are all in the currency of US dollars. Conversion will be made at the exchange rate adopted by your credit card-issuing bank on the day of deduction. You are recommended to consult with your credit card-issuing bank.

Q2. How BbTALKIN Online Order ship the goods?

When an order is confirmed, it takes 1-2 working days for pick-up and packing. The goods will be dispatched to FEDEX, EMS, etc. for delivery (In the event of Taiwan’s national holidays,warehouse shipment time will be announced.)

Q3. Does BbTALKIN Online Order issue invoices for orders?

BbTALKIN Online Order will email every orders’ invoice to Buyer. Please keep it in case for future reference.

Q4. How to track BbTALKIN Online Order’s delivery?

Once an item is shipped, a [Shipping Confirmation Email] will be given, which provides shipment tracking number for you to check with in the courier’s system.



Q5. Will BbTALKIN Online Order refund the freight if the order is not delivered?

In the event of goods return due to duty issue or human factors (inadequate or incorrect shipping address, or shipment being unclaimed), you shall bear the freight for both shipment and return.

※In case of need to cancel delivery when address is error after shipment has been made, the amount of the order will be refunded only after being deducted by the actual freight of shipment and return as well as the duties on both sides. 

Q6. How to return or have replacement of orders with BbTALKIN Online Order?

According to the provisions of Taiwan’s Consumer Protection Act, purchasing is entitled to 7-day cooling-off period, which begins from the day of delivery of the item; however, the cooling-off period is not a trial period. If you are not sure whether to return the item or not, please DO NOT unpack or use the item.If you are sure to return the item, please send the item back to us at your cost to:No.455, Sec. 2, Zhongqing Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City 406, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

※Detail information please see the invoice.

You reminded to keep the item complete with its package, which should include the item itself, the accessories, original package, and accompanying documents, of which none should be missing. Nor should be outer box be damaged. Also please mind to select an appropriate way of delivery. Any damage to the good or package made prior to our receipt or during its delivery to us may affect your right regarding the return, and may entail necessary expenses on restoration to the completeness of the item depending on the degree of the damage.

※Returns are not accepted for the items with smears, wear, strange odor or missing accessories.

※Tiny specks and color deviation in screen are all accepted by international inspection standards and shall not be deemed as defects.

※ Color deviation can occur to the items shown on the website from personal use of electronic products. Please accept the item as it is when you receive it, as color deviation is not a flaw.

※ We will decide whether to withhold shipments depending on the case to a customer who has excessive records of return or replacement for personal reasons.

Q6.1  Important Notice on Return/Replacement

Bbtalkin aims to offer good quality of products and service. We hope every customer is satisfied with our items. Should you find anything inappropriate within 7 days after purchase, you are requested to make for return/replacement within 7 days (including Saturday, Sunday and national holidays) from your receipt of the item, as is provided by the Consumer Protection Act, which stipulates that consumers of online shopping are entitled to a 7-day cooling-off period. Please contact us before making return/replacement. Bbtalkin will assist you in making through the return/replacement.  

 You can return an item unconditionally as long as it meets either of the following conditions:
1. The item actually received does not match what was purchased (excluding the issues of color deviation, visual angle or size by personal feeling.
2. The item is with flaw or has been damaged during delivery (it is mandatory for you to take photos, upon unpacking, of the flaw, including the damages on the exterior of the package and on the item for ease of future inquiry, if required.)

A reminder should be hereby given that the return/replacement of an item shall be refused unless the item to be returned is in all new condition and with complete package. We need to receive the returned item within 7 days after you applied for the return. The item you return will be inspected for completeness. The return shall not be accepted should the item malfunction, be damaged as a result of improper use or unpacking by the consumer, scratched, smeared, with broken or incomplete package, or lack any accessory. Freight of the item of which the return/replacement was applied for within the 7-day cooling-off period shall be borne on the consumer. Bbtalkin will not accept a return/replacement parcel in “pay on delivery” term.

 Q6.2  Six steps to return/replace

  1. Please let us know your order number and the details on the items to return/replace in “Contact us”.  

  2. Have photocopy of your original invoice.

  3. Please print out [Return/Replacement Note]. Write carefully on the Return/Replacement note the details about: to return or to replace? Color or size of the item to replace? Reason of Return/Replacement? Address, name, e-mail and telephone number of recipient/sender. Kindly please input with case, as whether the Return/Replacement Note is complete and correct or not will affect the processing time of Return/Replacement. 

  4. Pack all the items (with original packages) to return/replace, returned together with the related accessories, and enclose with Photocopy of Invoice and Return/Replacement Note.

  5. For purpose of protecting your right, you can take photos of the items to return/replace as they were at the time of dispatch prior to packaging for ease of possible future inquiry, if necessary.

Returned item: We will refund the original purchase price within 30 days after the return process is confirmed; the sum will be remitted to your account.  Specific transfer date will differ with operation time taken by your bank or credit card issuer.

Replaced item: When the related process is confirmed, we will provide you with items that you choose; you can choose other items of the same value or high price (balance to be paid for). In certain cases, Bbtalkin cannot guarantee that the items you re-choose are in stock. In such case, we will contact you promptly.

The freight of the returned items and replaced items shall all be borne on Buyer.  Once dispatched by Bbtalkin, can not change the item.

BbTALKIN advise you to choose, when making return or replacement, a freighter/courier with guaranteed reputation, like Fedex, UPS and DHL, which will realize safer and swifter delivery of your items.

It is hereby stated expressly that BbTALKIN shall not be held responsible for any situation of loss or theft during the delivery of the items to return/replace.

Nor will Bbtalkin accept pay-on-delivery as the term for items to return/replace.

Q7. How to have my money back from BbTALKIN Online Order?

When the condition of the items you wish to return is verified, we will refund in the same way as you pay for the order. But you have to bear both the dispatching and return freights of the items.​

  1. Credit card: A bank takes 5-7 working days to process. Please calculate by the billing date on credit card to find if a refund would be listed on a current-month or next-month statement.

  2. Paypal: Paypal takes 7-10 working days. You are recommended to contact Paypal for confirmation in such case.

Thank you for ordering BbTALKIN products. We will confirm your order at the soonest and will contact you. Please contact us if you have any question.

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