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Shoot dynamic powerful images with Bb drone.
High-speed acrobatic footages that are impossible to shoot with a general drone such as DJI spark/Mavic/Phantom

Fully waterproof, super powerful and strong against strong winds. When shooting windsurfing and kitesurfing, it provides amazing performance.

Although it is possible to shoot the dynamic video with a non waterproof race drone, but even a professional pilot will always be submerged & SD card will always be stressed by the risk of goodbye to the ocean, then it will not be able to push your self and it will be not a perfect images.
Bb drone is able to demonstrate the maximum power of the pilot by being freed from the stress, and can take the best video as a result.

You can purchase only a typical race drone frame for $50-$100, whereas a Bb drone costs $599. However, if you take into calculate the loss of the electrical parts, camera, and SD card, it is more profitable than losing two units.

* Frame only $599
* Assembled completed  $850-$900 (DJI Remote controller/Goggles/Air unit/ battery are not included)

Since only 4 to 5 units can be manufactured per month, the reservation is required. Delivery time is 30 to 45 days after half amount deposit.

Specifications and recommended parts:
* Total weight about 680g (excluding GoPro / battery)
* Flight time about 5-7 minutes (Tattu 1300mA-1550mA 6S)
* Motor: 2806.5 1300KV
* Propeller: Gemfan 7040-3 or 7042-2

When purchasing assembled completed ESC / FC / Motor / Propeller are all included and assembled.

*DJI FPV system/Battery&Charger/Gopro are not included

important point:
* The Bb drone is a race drone type, even you are able to fly DJI Spark / Mavic / Phantom, totally different story.
(I think you will crash in 3 seconds or fly away somewhere if you have never fly racing drone)
* IPX8 level completely waterproof, but DO NOT do Kamikaze dive into the water. Please be sure to fly and try to not drop into water.
* Battery is bare, so when you put it in the water on purpose, please waterproof yourself
* Although the motor is basically waterproof, but you must be careful with sand.
* Bb drone will not float on the water, please attach the supplied float or 500mL PET bottle

******Parts you must buy somewhere when you purchase only Bb drone frame(Total around $225-250)******


FC&ESC for DJI $96-$120


Gemfan 7042-2 $3.5


2806.5 1300KV $100

DJI SMA antenna

DJI FPV Air Unit Antenna $15

******Parts you must already have******


DJI FPV system


Tattu 1300mA 6S


Battery charger



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