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BbRadio: Most Compact, Light Weight, PTT Walkie Talkie

Introducing the next generation transceiver, walkie talkie, from BbTALKIN called the BbRadio.  When connected by Bluetooth to your phone and used in conjunction with the Zello app, it acts as a walkie talkie. This allows for an unlimited range. You can also use it as a hands-free Bluetooth headset for your phone. (Not compatible with VHF or UHF radios.)

Rated by Zello as the highest sound quality and wind noise cancellation in the market compared to big brand Bluetooth headset’s. This is the most compact push to talk walkie talkie entering the market for 2017. This smart walkie talkie is Bluetooth, light weight, water resistant and has endless features for the consumer.

This push-to-talk, ultra-small smart transceiver replaces your common Walkie Talkie. You no longer have to carry around a large and heavy radio. Along with being able to communicate effortlessly with your group, the BbRadio also connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Without touching the smartphone, you can operate the transceiver application, take ordinary phone calls, redial or listen to music. It supports both iOS and Android. BbRadio is the only walkie talkie device able to use both iOS and Android.

The push to talk application is ideal for athletes. Many athletes wear gloves during sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and cycling. Gloves restrict the accessibility to your cell phone and require removal of gloves and other equipment. With BbRadio, you simply push and hold the PTT button to communicate, including answering cell phone calls. Using the radio does not disrupt your activity.

The BbRadio is an exceptional product for teams to be connected at all times. Whether it is a professional or athletic team, this will provide your group with ease of communication never achieved before. You can connect an unlimited number of team members. Industry Examples: Construction workers, catering companies, event coordinators, hiking, rescue teams, hunting, camping, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, motorcyclist, snow shoeing, various group activities, everyday hands-free communication with your smart phone.

1. Wireless or Data: Your cell phone needs to be connected to a wireless network. If you are in a location where wireless is not available, your cell phone data needs to be on. If you are connected by a wireless network, and you leave the wireless network range, your connection will be lost. You will then need to turn on your data to re- connect. At all times, your cell phone needs to be within 50 yards to the BbRadio.

2. Transceiver function: You will need to download the Zello app. Once the Zello App is downloaded onto your smartphone, you follow the steps for registration and application. Zello acts as the walkie talkie transceiver. Zello offers a basic user App.

 3. Mobile hands-free: BbRadio’s Bluetooth capability allows you to make phone calls and redials with one button in conjunction with your smartphone.

4. Music playback: Designed with good sound quality, you can play and operate music wirelessly.

5. Pair with the Master Unit (A01M) of BbTALKIN Action Intercom: Your BbRadio can pair directly to your Master Unit. BbTALKIN has a line of Bluetooth waterproof devices already in the market. The Master Unit is product A01M. When the BbRadio is paired to your Master Unit, it is an additional headset option for the user. The only difference is the communication distance is at 100 meters.

The internal structure is constructed with waterproof packing. The IPX rate is 5. The 3.5 mm jack that comes with the radio is waterproof. You cannot submerge into water. It is waterproof from a 6.3mm spray of water (12.5 liters per minute) in any direction for approximately 3 minutes. It is also tolerant to heat and cold.

It has a battery life of 7-10 hours. The radio can be charged quickly and will achieve full charge in approximately 90-120 minutes.

The transceiver is designed with excellent noise cancelling technology. If you are cycling or skiing during strong wind, the transceiver will cancel out any wind interference. For example, if you are motorcycling with a group, you can talk at around 80 km with no disturbance. The design has an amplifier mounted on the IC chip of Bluetooth. The amplifier is provided externally, so the sound volume can also be stable with sufficient volume and premium sound quality.  

The BbRadio is compatible with any earbuds or headphones.


  • What is the communication distance? - If your smartphone is within 3G or 4G LTE range, you can communicate anywhere in the world using the Zello app. 

  • Can I use the Zello application without having a BbRadio? - Yes. Rated by Zello as the highest sound quality and wind noise cancellation in the market compared to big brand Bluetooth headset’s. BbRadio is the only walkie talkie device able to use both IOS and Android. 

  • I am concerned about phone memory. - Zello application is 1.8 MB (1 kiB / s) 

Quick Reference Guide

Bluetooth 4.0

Use time 7h-10h  (A2DPcontinuously 5h)

Charging 120min  

Range ∞  

Waterproof IPX5

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